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Video Poetry // Body Performance // Body Video Mapping

Here is a Body Performance, Video Design & Reading video of the poem "Quinta Essentia", showed at the launch event of the Special Winter Edition of A Shanghai Poetry Zine, FORMING, in the 16th of May 2020 in Shanghai.

ASPZ (A Shanghai Poetry Zine) is the leading international poetry & visual arts magazine in China. It selects and publishes works in seasonal issues on the basis of regular calls for submissions. ASPZ is strongly involved in nurturing a new international Chinese Art Renaissance.

For this special issue of the magazine the author was invited to be inspired by a contemporary visual artwork to compose a poem, as Jonathan Mulcahy, ASPZ Guest Editor, said:
"For this special issue of ASPZ, we cordially invite our community
of poets to engage with an array of contemporary artists from
all over China. The poetry produced must be in some way
inspired by these visual artworks, a style of writing known as
“ekphrastic”, with the most popular example being John Keats’
’Ode on a Grecian Urn’. These works however are not as
straightforward as Keats’ subject, and have been selected as they
represent the complex beauty of contemporary Chinese society.
Comprising part of the creative power behind the poetry, these
conceptual artworks offer a collaboration, a conversation,
forming new associations and community through art."

"Quinta Essentia" was inspired by "Bach's Law Of Mean 116", 2014, by the artist Chen Danyang. In the abstract series Bach's Law Of Mean, Shanghai-based ne artist Chen Danyang responds to the tonality, melody, and rhythm in Bach’s music with an intricate system of dots, colors, and block sections, using the music as a scaffold for his painting practice. Everything from the key, to the music’s structure (prelude, fugue, etc.), the presence of possible notes (12 minor and 12 major tones), and rising chromatic pattern, has been accounted for in this remarkable translation of Bach’s work, The Well-Tempered Clavier.

The intent with this video was to create an ekphrastic visual translation itself of the author's ekphrastic poem, stressing the conceptual elements of sound vs shape, body language vs spoken words by projecting on her naked posing body a video design artwork reshaping Chen Danyang's artwork at rithm of a contemporary music composer piece.

Written and Directed by Rossella D'Andrea and Gianluca Cillo
Poem by Rossella D'Andrea
Performance by Rossella D'Andrea
Video Design by Gianluca Cillo (Gam Pixel)
Music by Francesco D'Andrea (


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