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ASPZ // Issue 12 - FORMING // Motion Design

Motion Graphics Video Design //After Effects - Trapcode Form// Launch Event

ASPZ (A Shanghai Poetry Zine) is the leading international poetry & visual arts magazine in China. It selects and publishes works in seasonal issues on the basis of regular calls for submissions. ASPZ is strongly involved in nurturing a new international Chinese Art Renaissance.

This is the first video design I have realized for the magazine specifically for the launch event of the issue number 12, which is happening in Shanghai on the 16th of May 2020.

This issue is a special edition and the magazine has invited the community
of poets to engage with an array of contemporary artists from
all over China. The poetry produced had to be in some way
inspired by some visual artworks, a style of writing known as
“ekphrastic”, with the most popular example being John Keats’
’Ode on a Grecian Urn’.

I have followed the same idea to realize the video, using the photo of the cover image of the issue as subject of the animation.

Drop a like if you do :) and feel free to ask me everything about the video or the magazine. Enjoy it.


Photo: Zheng Fang
Video: Gianluca Cillo (me) as Gam Pixel
Sound: Michele Andreotti


3D Motion Graphics