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I am an 18 year old visual jockey that has 2 year experience working from a medium-sized stage to a nightclub with a capacity just under 2000 people. I know how to setup a display, address its cabinets and run a visual show thru resolume arena, I am also experienced with light fixtures, thru DMX or artNET, I have little experience with laser show although I know how to set it up but have not had much opportunity to work with lasers, although I have worked with pixel mapping (fixtures and LED strips (ws2812b, ws2811, ...))
I have worked with popular Serbian and Macedonian artists such as Sasa Kovacevic, Milli, Teodora Dzehverovic, Amadeus Band, Danijela Martinovic, Petar Graso, THCF, Relja Popovic, Luna Djogani, Vlatko Lozanovski, Slatkaristika, Urban Records and also with world famous DJ's such as Miss Monique, Galoski and Nennat Omen.



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