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VJ EMIKO / Emilia Gumańska - visual artist, photographer, video designer and producer.
The winner of VJ Torna Championship 2011 during Live Performers Meeting Mińsk edition, Pre-production and VJ Battle Category in Mexico City 2013 .
Vj and a/v sets are based on various video projects of her own authorship.
She experiments with light, self made scenography elements and stylisation.
The visual character of her productions is very minimalistic and pure. Visual message is strongly connected to emotional states of human being.
Projects by VJ Emiko, connecting body motives and its movement with graphical analog elements in a rank of symbols, belong to the category of experimental video art. By expressing the emotional states of a human – the vessel, they create audiovisual show, which in connection with music enhances the inner feelings of the spectator.
During the process of creation she uses video, photos and animations based on her own video scenarios, styling, and hand-made elements of stage decoration. Paying great attention to the shape and form of visualized form, she uses characteristic spatial structures, solids and installations of her own design. Minimalist images of a powerful emotional saturation effectively control the feelings of the viewer.
For one and a half year she regulary cooperated with Czwórka Polish Radio HDTV, creating real-time vj sets for music programs.
Emiko's vj and a/v projects accompany many of events in Europe and other continents.

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Examples of past activities:
DOUR Festival 2017 / 2018 / 2019 / Dour
NAME Festival / Lille
WAMA Film Festival/ Olsztyn
Fusion Festival/ Germany
Skin Project / BWA Art Gallery / Wrocław
PÖFF | Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival
LCF Live Cinema Festival Rome
BAM Festival - electronik art festival/ Liege
N-Minutes Video Art Festival / Shanghai /China
Dimanche Rouge / Tallinn + Helsinki
Tauron Nowa Muzyka / PL
Heineken Open'er Festival / PL
Mapping Festival 2013 Geneva /CH
AVAV / Sao Paulo / Brasil
Comuna / Rio de Janeiro
Reconvexo /UFRB Bahia / Brasil
sound:frame festival / VJ SET Vienna /AT
Expanded Vjism / Budapest / HU
A/V performance @ Electrovision [An evening of live cinema with cutting edge audio-visual performances] London / UK
LPM Live Performance Meeting Mexico City 2013
Scope Sessions Berlin / Germany
Freemote Festival Utrecht / Netherlands]
LPM Live Performance Meeting Rome / Italy
Electrode Festival 2012 Rome / Italy
Visual Berlin Festival / Germany
Audioriver 2011/ 2012/ 2013 / 2014 Poland
Era Nowe Horyzonty Film Festival / Poland



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