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Visual artist playing in various electronic events since 2007
I experiment and work on videomappings, visuals and stage design projects for festivals and parties in collaboration with other visuals artists such as Vj Radiance (AUS), Nico Chagnon (FR), Pixelmatsch(CH) and other visual artists.

Actually running a Visual Collective Project gathering Graphic and Visual Artists, Scenographers and Deco crews from different countries (FR/UK/CH), this crew named "Visual K-Mysts" aims to ease collaborations between its members and to provide collective performances for Events.

Skilled in technical video setups and videomapping and motion design, I'm working with multiple collectives on Trance events on the european scene. Also working on architectural/corporate mapping projects.

Skills :

3d/2d scenographies
Audioreactive setups
Multiple screens vj sets
Video technical setup
Motion design
Digital artwork

Stages :

Burning Mountain Festival 2012 (CH) (Main stage)
Timegate 360° (CH) (31/12/2012)(headvj on parallel floor)
Timegate 10th edition 2013 (31/12/2013)(CH) (headvj on parallel floor)
Burning Mountain Festival 2014 (CH) (Main Stage)
Hadra Trance Festival 8 (FR) (21/08/2014)(Main stage)
DreamNation Festival (FR) (13/09/2014)(Dubstep stage)
World trance Festival 3 (08/11/2014) (Main stage)
Dantesk Festival 2 (10/11/2014)(Trance stage)
Nocturnum 6 years (28/02/2015) (CH)
Timegate Symbiosis (CH)(31/12/2015) (Head Vj on main stage)
Insane Festival (south FR) (18/04/2015) (Trance stage)
World Trance Winter edition (17/10/2015)
Genetix : Neophyte Tour (CH) (07/05/16)
Insane Festival 2016 (09/05/2016) (Main stage)
Wonderland Pre-modem party (FR) (08/04/2017)
Burning Mountain Festival 2017 (CH) (29/06/2017)
Forest Soul Gathering (POR) (21/07/2017)

Artists covered :

Neelix, Aphrodite, Captain Hook, Infected Mushroom, Ace ventura, Seven monkeys, Ajja, Liquid Soul, Penta, Vertical Mode, X-Noise, Xerox, Day din, Klopfgeister, Egorythmia, Sideforms, Ghost rider, Egorythmia, Angry luna, Capital monkey, Naima, Highlight Tribe, Jeff Amadeus and many others


Visual Jockey Projection Mapping 3D Motion Graphics Scenography Performance


Resolume MadMapper