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We're a visual collective with our homebases in Ghent and Leuven, Belgium. Our core business is instant architecture, brought to you with an arsenal of video, light, audio or 3D structures to enhance your event or performance.

You can trouble us for a range of activities including: live visuals, led-structures, el-wire installations, Vj-acts, visual support for DJ's and music bands, live drawing sessions on request, video art, video installations, projection mapping on buildings or objects, visual band support, live video editing, lomoKino video, videoclips,,...

For each project we create tailor-made concepts and designs for your event, building and it's surroundings. Our team exists of architects, artists and engineers to satisfy your needs.

We previously worked together with Studio Brussel, Dungeon Outdoor, Pluto Festival, Horst, 't Festival, DOK Gent, Vooruit, SOSCOSTOA, LomoKino Belgium, Off Off cinema, STUK Leuven, M-Museum, Circa Gent, Wisper, Tumult fm, Curieus, Cultuurcentrum Het Perron, Macswell, Mastouche, Kaminsky, MOES vzw,...



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