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I've been making experiment animation, drawing on paper.
But since 2016, I step on the VJing performance, started to extend my animation on the stage.

My works are mostly present the organic movement. as an animator, I know what is the 'acting' by second and by music.
I love to make the environment in the entire night for your music and the audience.
and yes, I don't leave my seat until the sunlight breaks the projector.

Currently, I'm working in Kraków and Berlin.

My first gig was in Kraków, Poland with Wyroby Technopodobne crew. after that, I had a gig in Loophole in Berlin and also performing during the Berlin Art weeks with AxApe. In the same year, I became one of the finalists of VJ battle in Interference Festival.
Until now, I've been working in Seoul, Kraków, Busan, Berlin, and Gdańsk with many Techno, Electronic, Jazz, Experimental, Classic, POP musicians, Performance artist, and festivals.
2018, I was throwing the own brand party with Klubkid Artists in Seoul.



Visual Jockey Projection Mapping Installation Video Art Graphic Design


Resolume Touch Designer