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Masterdamus Visual live act @ DOOF Festival 2016

This is our Live Visual show presented on this amazing artwork of a stage.
Utilizing only x1 Powerful laptop with 2 outputs & only x2 4500ansi projectors from both sides to successfully capture & video map these amazing giant statues as a stage - painted & Created by The talented PLAZMA TEAM.
& it was a real challenge duo to location constrains, crazy projection angles, 3d & organic objects to video map which are far apart each in different 3d space & dimension, & a vj stand thats not in front of it...
However - once it was up - it was a true pleasure to work with the Doof & Plazma team again, as we keep upgrading the stages every year with allot of inspiration & ambition to defy the rules of Psychedelic stage design while using quite a minimal budget & on location materials.
& to our surprise every time: my god - what an amazing outcome!
the whole stage was alive, & they even motorized the robots hands to move every once in a while!
its keeps striking me to understand whats possible with like minded people who love the Doof Experience & the psy scene as it creates tons of creative ambition for these type of satisfying projects.
& what a treat it was to vj on! we had x10 slices to play with with our x3 vjs: VJ MasterDamus (myself), VJ Shaul & VJ Ham Rem.
we love the DOOF for its creative freedom as they create a true playground for visuals, music, and the crowd itself.
its a very special experience, and you are all very welcome to try in the years to come...
we Love you - Enjoy this 5 mins mix from the nightly show psychedelic Masterdamus visual show. i know some of you melted when you saw this...

CREDITS & special Thanks to:

Visual live act & VJ by: Dorian Natan VJ Masterdamus , Shaul Tzemach, Alon Hammer
x2 Sharp Projectors: Videodar David
Stage design, Statues, Drawing & great spirit: PLAZMA lab with Idan Plazma, Maayan Sokol, Mark Bash, & Noa Afriat the talented painter.
Sound & Light by: VIBE - Sound & Lighting
Music by: Doof Records
Track used in this video: "DigiCult vs U-Recken - The Optimist"