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Eye See Experience - Francophonie 2013 Final Set

This is the Final Show Eye See Experience presented in the Jeux De La Francophonie 2013 in the Category of Digital Creation (Création numérique).

We decided to keep this video to ourselves as we were showing in Festivals around the world. Since the next Jeux De La Francophonie will be happening next year in 2017, we are sharing this with the world to show everyone what was done before.

The show was about: Peace, Human Right, and Democracy. We tried to express the Human Experience in Peace, Human Right, and Democracy.

On the Final, we decided to twist our show with the Different Music created by Kevork Keshishian (A.K.A. Diamond Setter), and the Visuals done by Ziad Filfili (3D Animator) and Moses Magharian (VJ). The Live Visual Performance was done by Moses Magharian (A.K.A. VJ Mosig).

If you would like to see the the Head-shot with a GoPro version of this show, you can find it here: https://vimeo.com/75624357

If you would like to see the First show, which was the reason for us to become Finalists, you can fine it here: https://vimeo.com/75166799

We, Eye See Experience, were the Finalist from Lebanon along side France and Canada. And we got the Gold Medal in the Francophonie 2013.

Enjoy the show.


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