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EMPTY OR EMPATHY vj set preview

concept > Empty or Empathy? Vacant or tridimensional? Touching or vacuum? True or unnatural?
These are the reflexions that this real-time video performance wants to raise through looped 3D polygons , abstract wireframe shapes, partially rendered elements without any material on surface.
These objects consist and decompose with fluid animation, wrinkling that remember natural movements and openings that reveal their empty interior. And again: geometric shapes in specular repetitions through cold and hot colours.
The visual try to reach the underskin level using human body video loops, close-up filmed, and games of empty (empathic) spaces generated by webcam feedback that it recieves and distorces.
The unreal geometric images are shown from the camera point of view and “disturbed” under our eyes by the presence of the human body calling back to the reality.
The hypothesis is that we create a false empathy, an hypothetical connection with something that there is not because it moves and lives only in video. The objective is to try to unmask the false essence of the representation under a skin border.
soundtrack > Nathan Fake - Paean (extract from "Steam Days" album, 2012 Border Community)


Visual Jockey Video Art 3D Motion Graphics


Modul8 Custom Software